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Meet the team: 60 seconds with Jenny Ng

Nov 27, 2015


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Jenny Ng, Owner of Melbourne Florist, has been providing floral excellence for 37 years!

Her love affair with flowers began as a young girl, when her father would cut fresh flowers and Jenny would design them into arrangements for family and friends.

Inspired by their fragrance, beauty and joy, Jenny began working at the Australian Academy of Floral Art at age 13. She worked as the Vice Principal of the Academy and Operations Manager for 12 retail stores across Melbourne, before starting her own business.

Jenny’s favourite flowers are gardenias and peony roses. When not creating impressive floral art, you’ll find Jenny power walking, practicing yoga, pilates or mediation.

There’s 30 days until Christmas and it’s time to get into the festive spirit! It’s also a good time to order your Christmas themed floral arrangements for work and home.

Reception: Greet visitors and clients with a fresh red and green floral arrangement at your front desk – a modern alternative to a tree.

Office: A smaller bouquet on your desk is another great way to remind you and your staff to smile and be merry!

Events: Whether it’s for the end of year office celebration or a private dinner party, a Christmas inspired floral centerpiece gives a festive yet contemporary look.

November birth flower – Chrysanthemum

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November’s birth flower is the Chrysanthemum, a low-maintenance flower full of beauty, joyful symbolism and history.

Known today simply as ‘mums’, Chrysanthemums have adorned Japanese thrones for centuries and the Chinese revered them for resembling the sun. They come in pink, red, blue, white, green and that famous orange often found in Balinese and Buddhist temples.

An iconic Mother’s Day flower, they’re also ideal for Spring weddings as they repel pests, and in feng shui symbolism enhance laughter and happiness! Chrysanthemums tea is also said to detoxify and rejuvenate the brain and senses.

The tradition of giving flowers has been used for centuries as a way to express emotions like love or apologies. Flowers can have an uplifting effect and we know that men enjoy receiving flowers just as much as women! Here are a few tips to help select a floral gift for that special guy in your life:

Colour: choose bold, bright yellow and orange flowers and avoid soft pastel hues. Style: select tall, powerful looking flowers like sunflowers or birds of paradise. Plants: potted plants are a great alternative to traditional floral bouquets for men.

Spring is wedding season and flowers are an important part of the big day. The tradition of carrying a bridal bouquet is meant to bring good fortune and prosperity to the bride.

How do you choose the perfect bouquet? Here are three things to consider before talking to your florist:

Style: Select flowers that reflect your style and personality – are you classic, modern or bohemian? Colour: Choose flowers to compliment your invitations, bridesmaid dresses and reception décor. Budget: Be clear on how much you’re willing to spend and choose flowers that are in season.

Contact our expert team today for all your wedding flower needs!

October’s birth flower is the Marigold – symbolising elegance and devotion. Also known as Calendula, this vibrant yellow and orange flower is used in Indian wedding ceremonies and festivals, and in Mexico for the Day of the Dead celebrations.

Cut Marigolds will last at least a week if properly maintained, and are perfect as part of a larger bouquet or arrangement, with lots of purple and white blooms and green foliage.

Did you know: Marigolds are edible and sometimes used in food as a substitute for saffron? The Marigold’s strong scent is also used as natural mosquito and fly repellent!

September’s birth flower is the Aster – symbolising love, elegance and patience. Named after the Latin word for ‘star’ due to it’s star-like shape, Asters come in a variety of bright colours like pink, lilac, white and mauve.

Asters are long lasting with a vase life of up to 14 days, if stems are trimmed and water is changed regularly. Great on their own in a small vase or bottle, or part of a larger arrangement with other wildflowers like sunflowers – contact us for the perfect Aster inspired Spring bouquet to suit all tastes and budgets.